Stelmo SK - Výroba a montáž oceľových konštrukcií

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Production and assembly of steel structures
Phone / Fax:
+421 55 674 91 58

Bending machines XZMP 3150/16
Bending the metal sheet from the thickness of 2 mm up to  25 mm -/thickness of bent metal sheet depends on is length and grade/
Bending from the diameter of  450 mm.
Bending the tubular rectangular profiles of steel from 20 mm x 20 mm up to 60 mm x 30 mm
Bending the pipes from the diameter D from 21 mm up to D 48 mm, D 102 mm , D 114 m

Production and assembly of steel structures
Form flame-cutting and cutting on shears
Bending on the CNC press brake
Metal sheet bending
Pri Krásnej 4, 040 12, Košice, Slovakia
Phone / fax:
+421 55 674 91 58