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Production and assembly of steel structures
Phone / Fax:
+421 55 674 91 58

The STELMO SK s.r.o. offers as follows:

- Production of steel structures and steel structure parts inclusive of elaboration of production documentation based project documentation delivered.

- Production of new flame-cut pieces from steel according to your requirements  on the flame-cut machine of the CORTINA M 4000 type with the CNC control produced by the company MESSER Cutting und Welding AG, which is designed for cutting on oxy-acetylene and flame-cutting machine KJELLBERG HiFOCUS 160i designed for plasma cutting.

- Bending on the press-brake HOL 140 - 3150 with CNC control unit

- Cutting on shears  HN 3150/16

- Forming the metals sheets and profiles on forming machine  XZMP 3150-16  

- Metal-working on horizontal milling machine WH 63, turning lathes SUI32, SUI40, SU 50

The  STELMO SK s.r.o.  produces top-quality products for acceptable prices in agreed terms and required material quality.

The STELMO SK s.r.o. is the right partner
you are seeking for.

Production and assembly of steel structures
Form flame-cutting and cutting on shears
Bending on the CNC press brake
Metal sheet bending
Pri Krásnej 4, 040 12, Košice, Slovakia
Phone / fax:
+421 55 674 91 58